If you already use our brand you know our quality and how much time we dedicate to our clients happiness. We would like to offer those who have a large following (friends, family etc) the opportunity to earn some extra cash. Below you will find what is needed to get anywhere from 15% to 30% off your order. This will not only help your wallet but will also help put some money back in it!

We currently have distributors around the US, and they are on a certain discount plateau, it conforms to the size and the amount of orders that they put in monthly.

An order of $1000 or more will receive a 15% discount.

An order of $2000 or more will receive a 20% discount.

An order of $2500 or more will receive a 25% discount.

An order of $3000 or more will receive a 30% discount.

The discount cap stops at 30% and will not go above that.


Please note that you will not receive loyalty points for the bulk orders, and they will be deleted from our end. You will be able to keep the loyalty points for your personal order. Also, all your orders will be shipped on one address for you to distribute as we will not mail to anyone else but you. It's imperative that you place the bulk order via the website as it is easy for us to keep track of inventory. 

Payment for the bulk orders will be accepted only via Bitcoin unless approved via Alpha or I and only under individual circumstance basis. 

If you are interested please do not hesitate to email (do not send a message through our website) us at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Best Regards,

Mr & Mrs AOL