Tracking is no longer provided but we will have it in case we need to find out whats going on.


We Accept Western Union, Crypto-Currency

Western Union Payment Instructions:

If you order is below $299 please follow the instructions below. If your order is over $299 please email us for a name to use. 

You will be sending to Texas

Receiver and Sender name can be anything you like (just nothing outrageous please) YOU CAN USE FEMALE NAMES AS WELL!

Test question and answer WITH NO ID check marked. 

Please be advised that if you used the Western Union App to send the funds, you will need to call WU as the app does not allow you to configure the transfer to match instructions. When you call and have them check mark "NO ID" with a test question and answer, please double check with the agent that all information is correct. 

Email us with the following:


Receiver Name

Sender Name

Answer to the test question

Amount sent for each transfer sent

Cypto-Currency is automatic. Once your payment is done confirming, the status will update on its own unless you are using a bitcoin atm!

If you miss the QR code or bitcoin address please do not place another order! Email us and we will give you 1 of our address's. 

Using a bitcoin atm is VERY easy, much easier and faster than sending funds via Western Union. Should you want to use this method please email us and ask for our QR that you can print out or put on your phone to scan at a bitcoin atm.